Ride or die for Baby Yoda



Baby Yoda has done nothing but stolen hearts since his first appearance on Disney Plus’s, The Mandolorian. The show is centered around bounty hunter Mando and his mission to first find Baby Yoda and turn him in, then later to protect him at all costs. It seems Baby Yoda has that effect on people. 

At the young age of 50, Baby Yoda already shows remarkable talent. He is able to use the force with a raise of his tiny hand and look adorable at the same time. His appeal comes from more than just his looks but from his familiarity. It’s no secret that the new Star Wars isn’t everyone’s favorite but Baby Yoda is. He embodies everything good from the prequels and all that was expected from the sequels. 

Baby Yoda has been posted all over social media and has become a precious meme. Images of him sipping his broth or being photo-shopped into the Pope’s hands can be found on all platforms. Baby Yoda is someone you should be a fan of and protect at all costs. 

“I think I would kill my cousin for Baby Yoda,” said Ethan Klein from H3H3 Productions.