JoJo Rabbit- A satire masterpiece

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JoJo Rabbit was a blend of humor and moral dilemmas revolving around World War two, and a little boy who dreams of being a Nazi. JoJo, the main character, has a peculiar imaginary friend, Adolf Hitler. 

JoJo’s everyday life revolves around his uncomfortable ambitions, with the film beginning with JoJo excitingly heading to Nazi camp, where he will learn how to use a grenade, and the girls will learn how to have Aryan babies, healthy babies based on Nazi racial ideals. 

As JoJo is a very small boy, he suddenly becomes the odd one out, immediately resulting in his new nickname JoJo Rabbit.  JoJo, now coming home with a large scar on his face and a limp, becomes self conscious in his appearance, which becomes another issue that JoJo worries about during the film. 

Luckily, he has a lovely person in his life, his mom. Scarlet Johannson plays Rosie Betzler, a tender, strong, loving woman who has secretly joined the resistance. She adds a much needed warmth to this tragic comedy. 

 Rosie has hidden a young Jewish girl in her home without JoJo knowing. But JoJo’s curiosity leads him to this girl, but to his surprise, she does not look, sound, or smell like a monster. 

He begins to work on a book, and with lots of hesitation and fear he interviews her to really find out what it is like to be Jewish. 

As you watch JoJo come of age, it leaves you with tears on your cheeks, with many seemingly guilty laughs in between, that honestly makes you feel uncomfortable. The writers want you to know that is one of the most important parts of the entire movie. 

JoJo Rabbit is depressing risky, and one of the most important movies of 2019.