Hillcrest’s Most Elligible Husky


Ryan Koon

There was a change this year to Hillcrest High School’s winter fundraiser. Instead of a candidate for Mr. Hillcrest, the school has decided to do a Hillcrest’s Most Eligible Husky pageant. 

Students were able to apply for a spot in the competition and make it to the big stage of the performance tomorrow. 

Different competitions and challenges will be happening in order to find out who Hillcrest’s Most Eligible Husky is. Some of the competitions include a talent show portion where they will display their most creative and funny talent. 

A section of the talent show included a lip-sync competition to show who can sing their talents away. A question about Hillcrest was asked to show the candidates’ true dedication. 

One of the events that is being taken out is the swimsuit competition, unfortunately, due to the disapproval of the student body. What could have been an interesting and funny part of the competition is now not happening due to the fact that it may violate the school dress code policy. The student body understood this but still voiced their disapproval.

Katherine Timmerman, SBO president, is heading up with the Student Body Officers this Winter Fundraiser, recently stated, “We’re super excited to start something like this, and we hope it will become a long-lasting student body tradition.” 

Donations will be accepted in the Main Office and throughout the month through various other activities. The one large bonus of attending this event is you will be excused for 6th period during school to attend the performance. 

This new event is made to support the recently started 5 For the Fight fundraiser against cancer and promoting cancer research. All of the proceeds to go and see the show of Hillcrest’s most eligible husky will be used to support this winter fundraiser. 

It goes towards the $25,000 goal that has been set to reach by the end of December. In order to have this special event 200 tickets have to be sold by Wednesday, December 11th after school. They need your support and commitment and this could a great and exciting performance. 

In the end, Jaren Ruff was the winner he won the overall award for Hillcrest’s Most Eligible. Cole Saxey was the winner of the Lip-sync competition. As well as Carter won the fashion walk. And Jacob Winegar won the talent show portion.