Fine Line Album Review

Fine Line Album Review

Fine Line released December 13, 2019 is Harry Styles’s second and long awaited full length album. The singles released before the album included Watermelon Sugar, Adore You and Lights Up which overall have gained positive feedback from audiences. Adore You and Lights Up both have music videos too, which previewed the aesthetics of the album.

I’ve been a Harry Styles fan for a long time, and still remember playing his debut self-titled album on repeat during the summer it was released. As a fan of his solo music already, I had high expectations, especially because I love his aesthetics and his genre of music. 

Even though I thought his debut album was overall pretty good, I knew it wasn’t going to be his best because it had only been a couple of years since the break up of One Direction, and he hadn’t had a lot of time to develop his solo song-writing abilities. 

So, the bar for Fine Line was set high. 

After listening to the album for the first time all the way through, the songs that stood out to me were “Golden” which has a beautiful intro that also introduces the album, “Watermelon Sugar” which is going to be a  really good summer song, Sunflower Vol. 6 my favorite song on the album, and Treat People With Kindness. Of course I loved some of the slower songs too like Cherry and She, but the more upbeat songs were definitely on repeat at first. 

I have to admit, it took me more than three listens of the entire album to fall in love with it. Initially I knew it was better than his self titled album, but I was kind of surprised he took more of a pop approach. His first album was heavily inspired by classic rock, and Fine Line still has some of that influence, but you can definitely tell Harry is developing his own sound more and more. 

Some examples in the album include the use of brass in Watermelon Sugar, the 70s-esque vibe of Canyon Moon, and the use of heavy harmonies in Treat People With Kindness. 

Even though I said Styles took more of a pop approach, I only really meant that with the singles he released before the album, especially Adore You. Songs like She, To Be So Lonely, Fine Line and Cherry all use guitar, and are inspired by a mix of genres from rock to even R&B. 

The album has been super successful, and a couple of songs have already been streamed over 100,000,000 times on streaming services such as Spotify. Even though this is only Harry’s second full length album, he is already starting to develop his sound and it’s becoming a massive success.  

I would have to rate Fine Line 7/10 paw prints, because even though I love the album, Styles is just starting to develop his sound, and that means his best work is yet to come.