Google is killing the earth

Founded in 2009 by Christian Kroll, Ecosia has been fighting global warming by planting trees. They use the money they make to fund reforestation projects. The search engine is available as an app for Chrome, iPhone, and Android.

Search engines make their money from advertisements and selling user information for personalized ads. Often times, the first couple of results after a search are ads. Google, Firefox and Bing all sell user data for their revenue according to Unlike other browsers, Ecosia does not sell any of your information and deletes all data collected within a week. All of their revenue is made from the first few ads at the beginning of a search. 

Ecosia entirely runs off of solar power, meaning they have no carbon footprint as stated on their website. 

Companies’ carbon footprints are important because carbon dioxide is leading to global warming. Gas is released from burning fuels like oil and coal, it is then trapped in the atmosphere, making it harder for heat from the sun to escape the earth according to the UN. Global warming has lead to massive heat spikes and ice melting.

Google is reported producing 11 million tons of carbon dioxide in 2011 and has, since, not done anything to reduce its footprint. The Guardian reports Google uses more carbon-based energy than the United Nations.  Every Google search produces 7g of carbon dioxide or the amount of energy to boil a cup of coffee.

Google uses a massive amount of energy to store all its information, to power the search engine, to personalize ad and to continue to develop its platform. 

Ecosia uses every search you do to fund planting trees in empty palm oil forests. According to its website, it only takes around forty-five searches to plant a tree. Trees use carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen, much like humans use oxygen. They store the leftover carbon in themselves, helping with global warming. 

Switching to Ecosia is easy. On their website,, they offer an extension to chrome and there are apps on Google Play and the App Store. According to their website, they have already planted 79 million trees. Using Ecosia leaves user data more secure and helps fight against global warming.