Running for research

Picture Credit: Shannon Hurst

Picture Credit: Shannon Hurst

Many people wouldn’t consider paying money to run a 5k in the middle of December fun, but that’s exactly what Hillcrest’s SBOs are trying to do this year. 

Among other activities, the annual winter fundraiser will include Hillcrest Idol, a Super Smash Bros tournament, and a trivia night, but this is the first year that the winter fundraiser has included anything like this. Obviously the goal will be to raise money for this years fundraising partner, but they also want to get the community involved.

This year’s fundraiser is for cancer research. The school has partnered with 5 for the Fight, an organization that believes that everyone can make a difference in cancer research by donating just $5. Everyone has someone who has been affected by cancer, which is why 5 for the Fight was started in the first place.

“Everybody knows someone who has gone through cancer, who has gone through the battle with it so everybody here can relate to that. I would be a great way to get everybody involved.” says Nicolas Holman, senior class vice president.

For a long time, it felt like donating to cancer research was limited to large gifts and high net worth individuals. We wanted to create a way for everyone to contribute to the cause because when cancer hits, we all need a way to do something. 5 For The Fight makes it easy for anyone to give $5 for the fight” says the organizations website, 

All of the proceeds from the race, which is organized by both the student body officers and the cross country team, will go towards 5 for the Fight. Registration is $5 and participants can purchase a t-shirt for an additional $10. Students can also use the race to make up two days of gym. 

In the end, despite the fact that it was snowing and the temperature was around 30 degrees, over 30 people showed up to race. 

“I wanted to run because it’s a good cause so it’s a good use of my money and time. It was really nice having encouragement from cross country and the SBOs as we were going.” says sophomore Porter Eldredge.