Paint me like one of your Scabies

Great art provokes powerful emotions and creates an experience for the people admiring it. This is exactly what “Scabies” in Mark Minnick’s classroom does. 

The piece of artwork includes a white plastic skeleton with its hands glued to a laptop. Around the neck of the skeleton is the start to about seven small plastic babies glued to each other. There is nothing organized about it. 

Minnick first began the piece in fall of 2019 and it’s still a work in progress that may never be complete. This is due to the fact that he only adds to the piece whenever he finds a new plastic baby. The plastic babies are provided anonymously and happen to just appear around Minnicks classroom.

It seems that the creation of “Scabies” was by total accident. Before Minnick knew it, his silly hobby had turned into something beautiful that brings joy to many peoples lives. The piece is available to the public in Minnicks classroom in AT hall. As long as you don’t bother Minnick you can admire “Scabies” for as long as you’d like. 

“Skeleton and babies, Scabies,” Minnick humorously explains.