Thoughts on air quality

That’s not fog, its pollution. Utah ranks first on having the worst air quality in the country! According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Utah has three cities with the highest air quality in the country. People are getting sick and most refuse to go outside due to breathing in the pollution. 

Pollution takes a great toll on our mental health and our physical health. There are many opinions on the air quality outside but here are a few from students and teachers at Hillcrest High. 


“It’s so gross, it’s literally disgusting outside,” Aiyana Hickox


“ I usually don’t notice how bad it is living here this long but this morning I was coughing walking into school.” Lily Bach


“The air quality is bad we should be ashamed.”Stephanie Lauritzen 


“ I think its a problem and there isn’t really a way to solve it and not many people are aware of it even the people that live here and there needs to be a better way of handling it.” Angela Rivas 


“Yuck, its gross.” Chase Carlson 


“I thought it was just fog.” Hunter Purrington 


“Its really bad, it’s getting my mom sick.” Caitlee Corpuz


“‘Tis teribble” Cole Saxey