Best Gigantamax Pokemon (spoiler warning)

Best Gigantamax Pokemon (spoiler warning)

Pokemon Sword and Shield, which both released on November 15, feature some mechanics that have not been in previous Pokemon games. One of the major additions is gigantamaxing, where a Pokemon not only looks bigger and stronger, but gets a unique form as well. 

  To complement a list of worst Gigantmax forms, here is a list of what I personally consider the best Gigantamax forms. Warning: There will be spoilers of new Pokemon in my list.

  1. Duraludon: Duraludon may have not been the prettiest Galar Pokemon, but its Gigantmax form takes inspiration from a skyscraper. The blue that is on this Pokemon just looks pretty as well.
  2. Gengar: While this is yet another example of Game Freak pandering to their first Pokemon games, at least Gengar’s Gigantmax form has some changes to it despite Gengar already having a Mega Evolution. With its wide mouth leading to death, it looks menacing, like it was always meant to be.
  3. Butterfree: Unlike Gengar, Butterfree hasn’t received any additional forms prior to Pokemon Sword and Shield. Although Butterfree’s design doesn’t change much, the glowing wings make this butterfly more majestic yet mysterious.
  4. Lapras: Like Butterfree, Sword and Shield has given Lapras a new form for the first time. Gigantamax Lapras’s biggest change is the addition of crystal-shaped music notes around its shell, which breathes new life into this otherwise-neglected Pokemon.
  5. Centiskorch: This fiery centipede looked okay in its regular form, but received a more intimidating (and awesome) look for its Gigantamax form. While the primary difference is that it’s got a longer body, the inspirations that the design conveys are far better than a certain other Pokemon that gets a longer body when Gigantamaxing.
  6. Sandaconda: The design of this snake wasn’t too great with its obnoxious nose, but just by rotating the Pokemon, its Gigantamax form is vastly superior. The concept of a tornado for a ground snake is genius, especially when the nostrils are no longer the focus. 
  7. Grimmsnarl: The new villain of the week has emerged, or at least, that’s what this Gigantamax form looks like. With the longer legs, Gigantamax Grimmsnarl looks more intimidating and perfectly fits the first part of its typing.
  8. Alcremie: Alcremie was already an adorable Pokemon, but when it changes to its Gigantamax form, it becomes part of a cake and more marvelous. Gigantamax Alcremie also indirectly looks menacing due to the sheer size of the sugar-filled layers.
  9. Orbeetle: Although a ladybug Pokemon has been done once before, Orbettle’s Gigantamax form shakes it up by becoming a UFO. The design looks very cool with its lights and its back serving as the top of a UFO in general.

Honorable Mention. Eternatus: This Pokemon had a weird design to begin with, but when it Eternamaxes (that’s what it’s called for this Pokemon), it becomes a big, menacing hand. This design also plays an important role in the story. The reason this Pokemon is only an honorable mention is because Eternamax is not the same as Gigantamax.

  1. Toxricity: While technically unreleased, data of a Gigantmax form for this Pokemon exists and therefore will be considered for this list. Gigantamax Toxricity uses the cool design of the original and makes some major modifications, with one being the power line on its back. Additionally, it has an awesome-looking electronic weapon when it attacks.