Rise Of Women in Skateboarding

For many years the place of women in skating was questioned, as it was seen as a male-driven sport. Recently, though, a variety of factors have combined to push interest in women’s skateboarding to an all-time high. 

There have always been many female figures creating a name for themselves in the skating industry, such as figures like Cara Beth Burnside and Jaime Reyes, who grew an underground following in the 90s. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater introduced Elissa Steamer as a member of high skateboarding. 

Despite this, the growth of Women in skating never increased drastically… Until recently. 

“As our generation moves along, especially women, are realizing ‘I can do this just as well as the next person,’ and I think that this isn’t just limited to skating,” Hanna Emery, a local skater says. 

Women in skating have recently become more common, with companies such as Meow Skateboards, Founded by Lisa Whitaker in 2012, and events such as Wheels Of Fortune, which bring the community of women, and LGBTQ+ people and create an environment that inspires and enables them to skate in a safe environment. 

“ People also see how cool skating is, it’s not this druggy, crazy kid sport, its a cool thing and its fitness, you make friends, and it’s your own little community”  Emery continues. 

Females being involved in skateboarding isn’t new and will only continue to grow and become more accepted in everyone’s eyes. 

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