It’s a blue world without you


The release of “Circles,” an album from late rapper Mac Miller, is an example of a common practice in the music industry done right. Posthumous album releases have become a common occurrence in the Hip Hop industry due to the drug related deaths of many young artists in the past couple years. Several of these releases seem to be motivated by money and seem to lack sincerity. 

“Circles” was an unfinished project Miller was working on with the help of producer Jon Brion, at the time of his death in September of 2018. Brion had worked with Miller on his previous record “Swimming,” and was working with him on his next project “Circles,”. Three months after Miller’s death, Brion was contacted by Miller’s family who asked him to finish the album. 

I wasn’t listening through stuff or doing anything in regard to it,” said Brion in an interview with The New York Times. 

The album was finished by Brion and released on January 17, 2020. Based on his conversations with Miller and previous time spent in the studio with him, Brion was able to complete a beautiful and honest album. Because of the projects history it’s posthumous release was embraced and the album is seen as a sincere tribute to Miller. 

“Circles” is an album about self reflection. Miller analysis his life and where he’s headed with a smooth soulful sound. Miller is honest and sings about his depression and acknowledges what he could change for the better. The album is candid about Millers journey and desire for change. Despite not being finished by Miller, the record is beautiful because of its poetic lyrics and boundary pushing sound. Originally a rapper, Miller was a developing artist that was gone too soon.