A variety of talent

Ryan Koon

Ryan Koon

Hillcrest had its annual talent show presented for the students of Hillcrest and let’s just say, the viewers have something to talk about.
Tryouts were held on January 9th, 10th, and 13th. The 13th was only open to students if they scheduled it with the Student Body Officers beforehand. 

During tryouts, a large amount of piano and dance pieces were performed in hopes to get one of the ten-time spots for the assembly. 

Student Body Officers and Stage Crew made the assembly run as smoothly as possible.

There will be eleven acts varying from a push up to a dance.

The people that made it through tryouts were:

Skylar – Be Thou My Vision (Piano)

Grace Zito – The Start (Singing)

Chase – Careless Whisper (Saxophone)

LIA – Baila Esta Cumbia (Dance)

Griffin – Someone You Loved (Singing and Guitar)

Ryan and Selena – Sleeping Beauty Duet (Piano)

Max and Xc – Epic (Synchronized Pushup)

Brynna – Color Me Softly (Singing)

Jacob – Blackbird (Guitar)

Alessio – Hallelujah (Piano)

K Pop – Dance (Dance)

Each of the 11 showcases presented themselves confidently and knew how to do their talent very well, making it known that they’ve practiced their craft.

Yovanni Valdez, an SBO says, “The acts impressed me much more during the assembly. You can tell they worked hard and practiced a lot.”

The assemblies were a success with two run-throughs and little to no mistakes. The only noticeable mistake was when audio cut out for Kpop at the end of the first assembly.