Hope week preview


Hillcrest hope squad

People need people is the theme for this year’s Hope week. The club is hoping to help students and faculty better interact with each other each day in a school environment. This week will include the annual Hope Squad Assembly as well as activities throughout the week. The schedule goes as follows:

Monday- January 27th

Hope Squad will be coming in APP time as well as a clothespin activity that will go on during both lunches. The Clothespin activity will be going on throughout the week as well. 

Tuesday- January 28th

Therapy Dogs at both A and B lunches in Room A108. 

Wednesday- January 29th

Hope Squad Assembly. Youth Protection Seminar at 7 STEM building. 

Thursday- January 30th 

SafeUT will be coming during both A and B lunches. 

Friday, January 31st

Raffle for Dear Evan Hansen Broadway musical tickets. You can enter the raffle throughout the week as you complete activities and gain tickets that will allow you to be in the drawing.

Additional changes could be made to this schedule so check the Hope Squad Instagram as well as the announcements for updates throughout the week. 

Maddux Albers, a freshman this year at Hillcrest said, “Hope Squad is a very special club. It helps people become who they are, and if you join you can help others. I am very excited about this oncoming week.” 

Through the support of teachers and students as well as the help of a very supportive HOPE squad this week will be one to remember. Hope week is important because it allows students to hear from teachers and faculty and how can help others. 

This week brings in speakers, singers, and teachers that can share their experience with students in the things that they struggled within their high school time. 

Nadia Khristainne will be singing and accompanied by her Stand 4 Kind team which promotes kindness and suicide prevention.