Worst Gigantamax Pokemon (spoiler warning)

Worst Gigantamax Pokemon (spoiler warning)


Pokemon Sword and Shield, which both released on November 15, feature some mechanics that have not been in previous Pokemon games. One of the major additions is gigantamaxing, where a Pokemon not only looks bigger and stronger but gets a unique form as well. 

To commemorate the release of Sword and Shield, here is a list of my top ten worst gigantamax forms. There will be spoilers of new Pokemon on my list.

Corviknight: It may be a cool-looking Flying/Steel type Pokemon both with and without its Gigantamax form, but Corviknight’s Gigantamax form isn’t enough of a change to justify the effort.

The red highlights are the main difference, yet even with that, Corviknight didn’t need a Gigantamax form to have competitive viability.

Hatterene: Like many entries on this list, Gigantamax Hatterene does not change up enough to justify a Gigantmax form. Hatterene isn’t a bad Pokemon; it just primarily gets bigger like other Gigantmax Pokemon

Appletun: Even though Applin has split evolutions (one of them being Appletun), it is sad that both Flapple and Appletun have the same Gigantamax form. The Gigantamax they both have matches more with Flapple, meaning Appletun is left with the short end of the stick.

Copperajah: This elephant-turned-wall may have had a cool concept behind it, but the execution didn’t turn out well. The wall-like body looks off compared to the massive trunk and tiny feet.

Drednaw: Drednaw in its regular form wasn’t appealing to begin with and its Gigantamax form doesn’t do it any favors. The neck or chin of this Pokemon doesn’t mesh well with the rest of its upright body.

Pikachu: There is no hiding from the electric mouse. Gigantamax Pikachu’s cry sounds somewhat comedic, but that can’t save it from the fact that it’s just a chubbier Pikachu. I don’t have anything against chubbiness, but this form doesn’t change Pikachu enough to justify the extra effort.

Eevee: Speaking of Pokemon whose Gigantamax forms don’t change that much, Eevee’s white fur is the only noticeable change, with said fur becoming bigger than its normal proportions. Also, Gigantamax’s Eevee’s cry is terrifying.

Machamp: This Fighting Pokemon looked okay to begin with, but the Gigantmax form only makes it look worse. The face in particular just feels off and the odd-looking magma arms don’t serve much of a purpose given Gigantamax Pokemon don’t change types.

Charizard: This Fire/Flying Pokemon has had not one but two Mega Evolutions and is the only starter that can be found in the latest Pokemon games. If that wasn’t already bad enough, the champion’s ace is a Charizard and that Charizard happens to get an entirely new form.

The one saving factor for Charizard is that the Gigantamax form still is rather cool, especially with the fiery wings.

Dishonorable Mention – Kingler: While it’s interesting that it is based on a Japanese spider crab, it’s a little too goofy-looking to be taken seriously. The mustache/beard ruins this Gigantamax form.

Meowth: This Pokemon has had plenty of different forms, from an Alolan variant to a Galarian regional variant with its own evolution. All that really happened with Meowth is that it’s gained glowing eyes and stands tall with its elongated body.

Unlike Charizard, Meowth doesn’t look intimidating and that, in combination with too many previous forms, makes it one of the most unnecessary forms.