Podcasts worth listening to

Many people like to listen to music and their way to school or work. However, podcasts are also a great way to pass the time. There is something for everyone from audio dramas to real-life stories, news, science, and politics. Here are a couple of personal favorites.

  • King Falls Am: This is a paranormal drama told through an early morning talk show. It’s very funny, well-produced, and updates twice a month.
  • This American Life: Each week this podcast tells stories on a certain theme. It’s entertaining and the stories are always interesting.
  • Lore: This bi-weekly podcast examines a dark side of history, sometimes paranormal and sometimes just plain creepy.
  • Limetown: Although this has ended, all the episodes are still available on the Apple podcast app. It is presented as a radio series like you would hear on NPR and a journalist digs into the complicated past of Limetown. It’s a little scary, but worth it. 
  • Wolf 359: Part science fiction, part slice of life, Wolf 359 tells the story of a deep-space mission through audio logs. However, as this drama unfolds, there is more going on than meets the eye.

Each of these podcasts are available on the Apple podcast app among other places.