Reasons to dislike Valentines Day

Reasons to dislike Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day may be a holiday for romance, but most of the population doesn’t end up having love on this special day. In fact, a person is more likely to end up alone, reading articles and questioning everything that led him/her to this point.

Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Still, Valentine’s Day is not a fun day and here are some reasons to not support this holiday.

Being alone on Valentine’s Day is the worst. Chances are, these people will hide out in their rooms, watching Netflix and binge-eating until the emotional pain in their stomach has been filled with numbness. People who like being around others will take an especially hard hit in their self-esteem.

What if someone’s friend was able to secure a lovely Valentine’s Day, but the other someone didn’t? The jealousy and envy that would rise up from the victim is too much of a cost to outweigh any benefits.

Chocolate is the best gift to give on Valentine’s Day, so not getting any chocolate is a missed opportunity. Yes, it does add some calories, but it helps a person recover from a breakup or depressing situation more quickly than a lousy bouquet of flowers can.

If chocolates are a good gift, then bouquets are the opposite. There’s not a practical use to fake or real flowers and people with allergies can be negatively impacted by the scents and substances plant life gives off.

Lastly, Sweethearts was not on Valentine’s Day, so wanting to have a romantic dance on February 14 isn’t an option. However, Sweethearts took place the Saturday before Valentine’s, which freed up some schedules to do other things on February 14.