Tiny Pants Skate Life

Christian Luna

Christian Luna

From tiny skateboards to tiny rails, we’ve seen it all. But Hillcrest skaters Cristian Luna and Hanna Emery, have now created something new: tiny pants for your hands.

It all started last Valentine’s Day. Luna was constantly finger boarding in school, on dates, and everywhere the couple went. Emery decided to create something with her minimal sewing skills that would keep his fingers warm while he tech decked: tiny finger pants.

The idea was so inspiring they created their own brand a bit less than a year later: Tiny Pant Skate Life. 

“Every time I meet a new skater, they always have a tech deck, and style plays a large role in the community. Style for your tiny board is just as important as your regular sized board,” Emery explained.  

Their first launch will be near the end of February, and they cannot wait to share with the community their fresh and adorable idea. They plan on being featured in a store called Modern Monarch in South Salt Lake, in hopes that they will be a huge hit. They will also be sold directly from their Instagram. 

“We’ve worked really hard on this project, and hope it gets the love it deserves,” they ended. 

You can keep updated on the tiny pant journey through their Instagram: @tinypantskatelife.