The superior writing utensil

As a high school student, I end up writing a lot. I have gone through countless pens and pencils in my twelve years of schooling and I like to consider myself something of an expert. 

First off, pencils are for math and science classes. Sometimes, I still use a pen in those classes because pens are superior in every way. It is a fact that some pens are simply better than others and I feel obligated to share my vast knowledge with the rest of the student body. 

My favorite pen of all time is the Pilot G-2. It is a ballpoint gel pen that comes in a range of sizes. My favorite is the extra-fine 0.5. It is easier to smudge the larger sizes. 

Another great gel pen is the Papermate Inkjoy. They dry very fast so they don’t smudge as much as the G-2 and the design is very aesthetically appealing. However, I don’t find them as comfortable to hold as G-2s. 

Speaking of Papermate, the Papermate flair pens are also pretty good. They are a felt tip pen so they tend to bleed a little but they come in lots of colors so they are good for bullet journaling or art projects or things like that. 

Now for those of you who may disagree with my opinion on pencils and their objective uselessness, that’s ok. Pencils are a necessary evil sometimes, but I suggest you stick to a mechanical pencil. My favorite is the Tul mechanical pencil. It is sturdy but also looks good.

So there it is, my definitive guide to the best writing utensil there is, the pen. Of course, this only really applies to school. For my own enjoyment, I also use brush and calligraphy pens. These are great for hand lettering. But I digress. Maybe these pens will make school a little more bearable.