Love is in the air

Hillcrest Cheer Team

Hillcrest Cheer Team

Is it possible that someone will hijack a “flying machine” and float off someplace after dancing the night away? Yes, this may be unlikely, but it is possible.

After struggling to find a place to host the dance, the cheer team finally settled on the Leonardo. That’s right, Sweethearts was on February 8 at the Leonardo Museum downtown (209 East 500 South, Salt Lake City 84111).

Bailey Hunt, a senior in attendance, exclaimed, “I liked the venue and thought it was gorgeous! I was scared of walking out in the dark downtown after the dance, though.”

Cheer members, as well as Student Body Officers, worked to sell tickets as efficiently as possible at lunch. Tickets were being sold at both A and B lunches for $25 per couple ticket.

Brooklyn Terry, a sophomore member of the cheer team, said, “selling tickets at lunches was super easy if it was done in an organized manner.”

This year’s theme was “The One.” This was to make sure the Valentine’s dance is centered around the holiday itself.

The venue was decorated with red and pink decorations such as hearts. 

Terry explained, “The decorations were super easy because Sweethearts was centered around love, hearts, and everything to do with Valentine’s Day. We just wanted good vibes all around.”

There has been much buzz going around about Sweethearts while people were scrambling to make preparations for day activities, pictures, transportation, and night activities.

People were extremely excited beforehand and Sweethearts surely did not disappoint. For some, this could potentially be one of the best dances they’ve ever been to. 

Hunt stated, “I think it depends on the people you’re with. Overall, an amazing Senior Year Sweethearts!”

Cheer made sure that everyone attending the dance was having a good time and staying safe. They deserve a large round of applause.