Disrespect at the 2020 State of The Union

Disrespect at the 2020 State of The Union

Most leaders are calm, calculated, and tend to watch their public image. The same cannot be said for the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, after President Trump’s 2020 State of the Union.

Pelosi, the leader of the Democrat-majority House and likewise a Democrat herself ,has not liked the Republican President from the start, eventually leading to the impeaching (and acquitting) of Trump. None of her prior actions, though, have been this blatantly disrespectful. 

Even though it may appear she ripped something as simplistic as a paper copy of Trump’s speech, the paper symbolized a 230-year tradition established by the Constitution. In addition, this action has disregarded the various attendees that were invited by the President, such as Jody Jones and Charles McGee, to name a few.

Republican Matt Gaetz was on the right track when he proposed an investigation to her behavior and how the Department of Justice could use 18 U.S. Code 2071 to prosecute Pelosi, a law that, according to The Washington Post, “makes it a crime for anyone having custody of certain federal records to mutilate, obliterate or destroy them.” 

However, Tampa Bay Times reported, “Pelosi is in the clear, experts said because her copy of Trump’s speech wasn’t a government record.”

Even though Pelosi didn’t technically break federal law, it was still wrong for her to rip a copy of Trump’s speech in front of the cameras. It was akin to Trump’s infamous tweets in that both show a clear lack of professionalism and maturity.