Ricky Gervais’s controversial monologue at The Golden Globes

Leah Christensen, Arts and entertainment editor

Ricky Gervais hosted the Golden Globes this year for his fifth and final time, and because of that, he made it very apparent to the public that it was his last time hosting and that most importantly, he didn’t care about what he said.

His opening monologue was the most controversial, and has received both supportive and negative reactions. Gervais blatantly called out topics such as certain film executives being intimidated by Ronan Farrow, Hollywood racism, streaming services like Apple and running sweatshops in third world countries like China, Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide, and more.

Although he was brash and it felt like an attack to the entire room even though it only applied to some, most of what he said needed to be said, and like he stated at the beginning of his monologue, “Remember, they’re just jokes.” 

Hollywood, just like anything you see in the media, isn’t one dimensional. Most celebrities are advocates who raise awareness for many great and important causes but we need to remember they aren’t perfect people, and some deserve criticism from time to time. 

I don’t believe Gervais meant to offend the audience, which was made clear from his lighthearted tone, but those who were offended obviously know they’re part of the problem. Gervais didn’t intend to just tell jokes though, he meant to criticize the people his jokes applied to, and his message came across very clear.

After complaining about how long the show is and talking about the plot of the TV show Afterlife, Gervais said this, “Spoiler alert, season two is on the way so in the end he obviously didn’t kill himself. Just like Jeffrey Epstein. Shut up. I know he’s your friend but I don’t care.”  The fact that Gervais even described Epstein as a “friend” to some people in Hollywood is pretty disturbing, especially considering they probably knew about his personal life and chose not to say anything.