Brox Ashby scores his 1,000th point

Ryan Koon

Ryan Koon

A high point in the Hillcrest men’s basketball game against Brighton was senior guard Brox Ashby scoring his 1,000 career point. This means that throughout his high school career he has been able to score at a high enough rate to reach this astounding number. 

When asked if he was aware of the feat Brox said, “Mr. Leavitt had made me aware of it before the game, but it wasn’t on my mind while I was playing.”

This achievement is one that few high school basketball players can say they have achieved, and it hasn’t been done by a Husky in over 20 years. Ashby averages over 18 points per game this season, which is a career-high according to

Ashby comes from a family that lives and breathes basketball. He has played competitive basketball for 13 years, and his 3 younger brothers are following in his footsteps. They love watching the Utah Jazz and go to their games all the time. He has also played high school basketball with two of his older brothers, Stockton and Mckay.

Brox’s high school teammate, Zac Gallman said, “We’ve been friends for a long time and I appreciate how he always pushes me to be more competitive and to be better on and off the court.”

Hillcrest has been at the top half of the region this year and is hoping to keep on the rise through the rest of the season. Once playoffs come Ashby and the rest of the team hope to be ready for whatever opponent comes their way.