Fun board games you’ve probably never heard of

Fun board games you’ve probably never heard of

  1. Killer Bunnies

The title and description may sound a little dumb, but this game is super fun. The point of the game is to have the “magical carrot” by the end, and throughout the game, there are numerous different cards ranging from weapons to launch at other players and bunnies to put in the “bunny circle.” Sound stupid? I know, but this game is actually rated 13+ and requires a lot of strategies and can get super heated. There are numerous expansions that give you more cards for gameplay, including pawnshops, and more types of bunnies. For more information about the game visit

  1. For the Girls

This is a newer card game and is intended more for girls, but of course, you can play if you aren’t one. The game is simple, each player rolls one dice when it’s their turn and depending on the color they get, they chose a card out of that color category. The categories include “Never Have I Ever”, “Best of the Best”, “Rapid Fire”, “Most Likely To”, and “Truth or Dare.” Whoever has the most cards by the end wins. Like Cards Against Humanity, this game is rated 17+. 

  1. The Voting Game

Don’t play this game if you’re easily offended, but this is a great game to play with your friend group if you want to know everyone’s true feelings about you. Similar to Apples to Apples there’s a question like “most likely to escape prison,” and everyone votes for who they think fits the question the most, and voting is anonymous. Whoever has the most votes for a question wins the card. Again, this game is rated 17+.

  1. Secret Hitler

Don’t let the title throw you, this game isn’t offensive in any way, and out of any of these games is the most fun to play. If you think Monopoly can get heated, you’ve obviously never played this game before. The goal of the game is to figure out who “Hitler” is. Everyone is assigned a role, either being a Liberal, a Fascist, or Hitler and depending on who you are you’re trying to get either Liberal or Fascist policies passed. This is easier explained when you see a round of the game, but the ultimate goal is to pass five policies depending on what side you’re on. The more players you have, the funner the game gets. For more information about the rules, look up the Secret Hitler website.

  1. Credit Card Monopoly 

Everyone’s heard of Monopoly, so you probably know how long the game can get. If you don’t wanna spend days on the same game of Monopoly then you should play this version. The only downside is only four players can play, but the game goes by a lot quicker because money becomes doubled super easily. If you wanna play Monopoly but don’t have the attention span to play it for hours, then this game is a great option because the average game only lasts about an hour.