College decisions for students


The Howler

As the time comes to a close for high school seniors,  college acceptance letters are coming in and students are choosing what college to attend. From ivy league to community college to trade schools, decisions like these can make or break a student’s future.

One of the students here at Hillcrest, Nate Berg, has college offers coming from multiple schools for basketball. Making these decisions is very important especially for high school athletes, 

Berg said, “The decision of where to go to college will shape the future of my life for basketball and for education.”

Athletes need to make the best choice that will combine their future with the best academic and athletic promise for them in there future.

Another student here at Hillcrest High School made the decision of pursuing the next stage of her life at the University of Hawaii. What makes her college decision so unique is she may be the only one at Hillcrest that will be attending this selective college. It’s awesome for Ryan because she will be able to pursue an education and live in a beautiful place. 

She stated one of the reasons why she wanted to go was, “Because it’s out of state and I want to be subversive in a different control.”

This unique view of going to school will help Ryan obtain her goals and achieve a great education.

Her final thoughts on her commitment to attending the University of Hawaii are, “Why not go to a school in paradise?”

As well as Cutler Smith another student that looks towards another great goal of obtaining admission to the United States Military Academy of West Point. He has done all the necessary fitness tests and completed the medical exams.

He said, “West Point can take you from a boy to a man.”

He also has obtained a senators nomination, West Point is the World’s most Premier Leadership Academy it teaches young men and women to pursue lofty goals of leadership, as well as honor and duty to their country. 

These important college decisions shape a student’s life. But seeing the success that different students have is great to show how Hillcrest can do things. College is the next step in student’s lives and being able to go somewhere and get a great education is a goal of many of the students here at Hillcrest.  

As you can see students here constantly push their lives towards new limits and challenges colleges to see Hillcrest for what it’s worth. College is an important decision and these students here make the community proud by obtaining success in their various schooling decisions.