HOSA Stomp

PC: Zaynab Salih

PC: Zaynab Salih

The HOSA club threw a New Year’s Eve themed stomp at Hillcrest on January 18, and they are hoping to make it an annual event. The event was played by DJ Alive, who has DJ’ed for Hillcrest dances in the past. 

Hillcrest student Josy Garcia attended the event and said, “The DJ really made the stomp a party. We had the mosh pit going crazy and almost everyone was dancing.”

HOSA stands for Health Occupations Students of America and is a club to help students who are interested in the health sciences to find and practice an occupation in that area. The organization is also focused on building the quality of health care that is available to all people.

At Hillcrest, the HOSA organization is a club, run by teacher Matthew Hart with the help of the appointed officers. They decided to do the stomp as their main fundraiser and are hoping to make a profit off of ticket sales. 

Before the event occurred, Mr. Hart was confident that the stomp would be enjoyable and even said, “It’s gonna make the Husky Howl look like a church.”

The HOSA organization has many competitions where students display their knowledge and performance in the sports medicine categories. These competitions can lead the club to distant places, which can be costly, but they have used this event to raise funds.

There were around 300 students who attended which ultimately made the event a worthwhile fundraiser. The HOSA team hopes the success of this stomp can carry into making this stomp an annual event.