How to know if being an SBO is right for you

How to know if being an SBO is right for you

Believe it or not, The PawPrint has had multiple student body officers (SBOs) over the years. Now that the SBO packets have been released, it’s time to evaluate just what SBOs take on.

The first and perhaps immediate aspect of SBOs is grade level. Only current juniors can run for the SBO office. Freshmen and sophomores can run to be class officers, but the most unlucky group is the seniors, who will have to wait to run for a student government position in higher education.

Second, students must be willing to take on leadership roles. This includes getting out of one’s comfort zone and being assertive. In addition, students must be working together while in their leadership roles, especially if they are representing Hillcrest.

Next, students must be willing to commit. Although it is great to be involved in multiple clubs/organizations, it can also limit one’s ability to do their SBO duties. Students must also keep in mind that if they do end up an SBO, they must incorporate a period in their class schedule for it.

Courtesy is another important aspect of being an SBO. While it is tempting to say what is on one’s mind, doing so in front of an audience comes off as unprofessional. SBOs also serve as role models not only for ideas and school spirit, but behavior as well.

Lastly, being empathic is crucial. SBOs represent the students at Hillcrest and thus are meant to carry out what students need in the same way a senator does for his/her area. If one is not open to listening to other people, they will never address the true issues that impact this community.