You’ve heard of the 7 deadly sins, now get ready for 12 magic keys!

Photo credit: IMDb

Photo credit: IMDb

On February 7, Netflix released a brand new series based on the little known comic book “Locke & Key.” This chilling series tells the tale of the Locke family. After the tragic murder of Rendell Locke, father of the three Locke children, the family decides to move to the town he grew up in, Matheson, Massachusettes. 

The Lockes come to find that Rendell’s childhood home was a large three-story mansion. After investigating the ancient house, Bode, the youngest of the Locke children, starts to uncover secrets that lead him to two keys with reality-bending abilities. As the show progresses, he and his siblings find more and more of these keys, as well as an entity within the house.

Having only been released for seven days, the show itself has gotten amazing reviews!

“Just entered another adventurous magical (make-believe) world!!! Outstanding, subtle and mind-blowing series dropping tricky cues for more series to come. Adapted from the famous comics series by Joe Hill (with many MAJOR differences from the original source) is worth binge-watching. Truly mysterious…leaving so many clues which feel so adventurous…I myself want to ride that Key-House roller coaster full of magical keys n demons,” said Jyoti Raut, a film critic willing to express their opinion on Google.

S Parr, another movie reviewer stated, “Netflix keeps getting it right.  After binge-watching the most excellent The Stranger, I was at a loss as to what to watch next. Locke & Key hits the perfect blend between witchy themes, psychological drama, and mysteries. The Keys are all fascinating to look at, the acting is excellent and you’re dying to know what each key unlocks, it’s utterly binge-worthy and the music throughout really makes it. It’s fantasy, magic, set in a gorgeous Victorian Gothic house but thankfully not in an unbelievable ‘Disney’ way.   I can’t wait for more series, there are so many possibilities this series could explore.”

However, there are of course people who hold the opposite point of view.

“It takes forever to get to a major turning point…could have been written better. Anything to stimulate viewer attention than what has been offered. A Tom and Jerry episode could beat it hands down for Pete’s sake,” Rohan Chaudhary said less than optimistically.

However, with both sides shown, these opinions shouldn’t affect anyone who sees them, for everyone has an opinion.