Male majority at the Oscar’s



In the history of the Oscars, a national award show for film, only five women have been nominated for the best director. Of the five movies nominated in 2020, all but one were set in a male-dominated world with a male protagonist.

The Oscars, or the Academy Awards, began as a sort-of Union for workers in the film industry. According to the Britannica, the Academy considered giving awards but did not begin giving them until 1928.

 In 2019, 13 women won an award, whereas 34 men won one. Some people claim these disparities are due to gender biases because of the way the academy votes on for who wins the awards.  

Directors vote for directors to nominate but this can be highly skewed based on who is a popular director that year. Women consist of one-third of directors in Hollywood, being far outnumbered by their male counterparts, they are less likely to win an award.

In protest to “Little Women”‘s director, Greta Gerwig, not winning an award, Natalie Portman wore a cape lined with the names of women who didn’t win the best director or weren’t even nominated.  Some people have also taken to Twitter to express their frustration. 


Regardless of opinion on whether or not, “Little Women” deserved the oscar, there is a huge gap between the number of women winning an award and the number of women working in the industry. 

Movies produced by men are more popular than movies produced by women, according

to Tina Fey that’s a big issue. Celebrities have been trying to raise awareness of the unequal amount of popular media produced by men and women.  

According to, only 17 percent of popular music is produced by women. “WOMEN IN MUSIC” is a non-profit trying to encourage more women to produce music and for more people support in the music industry.

There is an obvious gap between the sexes in the media. It may be 2020 but sexism is still as prominent as 1924.