Tips to beat senioritis

Tips to beat senioritis

Senioritis is very real and many students that are nearing the end of High School may have it. Senioritis is the lack of motivation and the decline of school performance as you start ending the end of your senior year. Senioritis may even start in the beginning of your senior year. Some symptoms may include, lack of motivation, the urge to sleep in and skip your classes, and procrastinating all of your assignments. Senioritis is very real but this won’t stop you from graduating if you can find a way to beat it. Here are some tips that might help. 

  • Acknowledgement 

Acknowledging that you have a serious problem is the first step. Know the signs and try to be open minded about senioritis. 

  • Setting Goals 

Being able to set goals for yourself is the second step in order to be able to push yourself. By pushing yourself you are making an opportunity to change and better yourself. 

  • Stop your habits and develop new habits 

By stopping your habit of sleeping in and procrastinating will help you get on top of your assignments and your attendance. You only need to do something 25 times routinely in order to make it a habit, so make it a habit on waking up early every morning to get to school. 

  • School is now your first priority 

Push back your friends until you are able to catch up on your missing assignments and focus on yourself. Hanging out with people everyday after school can make you focus on your social life more than your education. Your friends won’t be in your life in the long run to help you attain your diploma, they’re focusing on their own education, so focus on yours. 

  • Take it one day at a time 

While accomplishing your goals and getting rid of your old toxic habits, you deserve a break for once in a while. Take a day for yourself on the weekend after catching up on work to catch up on your health and to check up on friends. By doing this you are just taking care of your physical and mental health over all. Which is also very important for yourself. Good luck!