Pre-Game routine

For athletes, prepping before the game and pregame routines are almost as important as the game itself. Making sure that your mind is prepped and body in the best shape and condition before games is key for any athlete in any sport.  Different sports have different rituals that their athletes due in order to prepare themselves for the big game. 

Some of the best athletes in different sports use new tactics to help them keep in their best mental and physical shape before games. 

Some of these rituals are:

Sydney Mclaughlin-Track and Field Olympian

17-year-old McLaughlin owns the fact that she has a lucky charm. “I have a lucky blanket I use and take it with me at every track meet,” she says. Adorable and b***** at the same time.

Zaza Pachulia-Golden State Warriors

This pro basketball player gets plenty of rest and carbs. “Gotta take a nap for an hour-and-a-half before the game and gotta eat pasta, with a different sauce, bolognese, and alfredo, with protein. Those two things are my go-to,” says the 33-year-old. Sounds ideal any day of the week.

Corey Brewer-LA Lakers

This 31-year-old has usual pre-game treats, but they don’t consist of carbs. “I eat a bunch of bubblegum, to be honest. Dubble Bubble,” he says. Clearing the mind, one roll at a time.

Chris Harris Jr-Denver Broncos

Lastly, this 28-year-old preps best by chilling out and kicking it with some video games. “I’m pretty chill on game day. I play PS4, relax, chill, get in my zone. Listen to music,” he says. Again, another ideal day.

Micheal Porter Jr.-Denver Nuggets

This 19-year-old clears his mind by embracing his spirituality. “I just like to open my bible and read a chapter and pray to god,” says the Missouri native.

Lebron James-LA Lakers

Lebron wakes up and has the same routine every day he focuses on his family in the morning. And then goes to his shootaround and eats the same kind of food and pre-game shake that he keeps secret in order to get his body right. Another important thing for him is the workout playlist that he uses to get his mind ready for the game.