The unending hunger

The unending hunger

In the neverending multiverses of Dungeons & Dragons, there are many Abyssal creatures that are leaked between the barrier between the Abyss and the Material Plane, Gnolls are one such creature.

These seven-foot-tall creatures look like a horrible crossbreed between hyenas and humans. With the heads and fur of hyenas and the stature of humans, these already horrid creatures have a terrible trait caused by their Abyssal heritage, a never-ending hunger for flesh.

The origin of the gnolls traces back to a time when the demon lord Yeenoghu found his way to the Material Plane and ran amok. Packs of ordinary hyenas followed in his wake, scavenging the demon lord’s kills. Those hyenas were transformed into the first gnolls, parading after Yeenoghu until he was banished back to the Abyss.

Gnolls are dangerous because they attack at random. They emerge from the wilderness, plunder, and slaughter, then move on elsewhere. They attack like a plague of locusts, pillaging settlements and leaving little behind but razed buildings, gnawed corpses, and befouled land. Gnolls choose easy targets for their raids. Armored warriors holed up in a castle are left unscathed by a gnoll onslaught.

Gnolls rarely build anything permanent such as structures, nor do they make weapons or armor. Instead, they scavenge such items from the corpses of their victims, stringing ears, teeth, scalps, and other trophies from their foes onto their patchwork armor.

No goodness or compassion resides in the heart of a gnoll. Like a demon, it lacks anything resembling a conscience, and can’t be taught or coerced to put aside its destructive tendencies. The gnolls’ frenzied bloodlust makes them an enemy to all, and when they lack a common foe, they fight amongst themselves. Even the most savage orcs avoid allying with gnolls.