UFC: Let’s get in the ring




Zachary Gallman, News Editor

The Ultimate Fighting championship is a world-renowned fighting club that combines all kinds of fighting styles into the octagon. They bring media attention and publicity all over to Jiu Jitsu and wrestling styled hand-to-hand combat. The owner is Dana White who produces fighters to put in the octagon. 

Some of their biggest fighters have made millions in the span of minutes, and their pay per view fights yield millions of dollars in revenue and views. 

Recently, they’ve had a couple of very big fights. When Conor Mcregor returned to the octagon to fight the famed Cowboy, it received tons of media attention and was a very anticipated fight.

Nate Berg, a student at Hillcrest High School and a large fan of UFC who watched the Conor Mcgregor fight, said, “I love the fighting and the action. It’s a very entertaining sport I like to watch people get hit!”

When the fight finished 14 seconds later, Mcregor had provided multiple knockdown blows and had broken the Cowboys nose.

He was announced the winner of the match and had made over 5.3 million according to espnbetting.com in just under 14 seconds.

Another fight that brought an increased revenue to the sport was the Fury vs. Wilder fight. It was a historical match of two heavyweights. They exchanged tons of blows but the hard work of Fury during his preparation for the fight allowed him to win with a knockout blow to the face of Wilder.

These fights have increased the media’s attention and coverage for UFC across the globe and especially in the United States. It’s raw energy has increased the publicity and the betting.

Sports betting is at a all time high in the US. According to espnbetting.com, more than 24% of sports viewers bet on sports events. 

UFC has become a great outlet for sports betting and has allowed for millions of dollars to be earned and lost through different fights and matches that have gone on during this year and years past. 

The public has increased their knowledge of what UFC is and have begun to characterize it as one of the more popular sports in America. The Ultimate Fighting Championship has brought MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) to a forefront in America and has allowed for the increase in public attention and media growth to this sport.