Coronavirus shuts down the sports world

Tanner Peterson, Sports Editor

Wednesday, March 11 is a day that will live in infamy in the world of sports. Sports fans were looking forward to countless exciting events that have all been postponed due to the coronavirus, or COVID-19, a dangerous virus that is spreading at very high rates. 

A few of the postponed events include: the NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, and PGA season, the NCAA basketball tournament’s (men’s and women’s), and most of the soccer in Europe. While this comes as devastating news to many fans, the leagues had little to no choice to follow in that direction.

Hillcrest senior, Peter Jacob, prepares for March Madness, the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, and creates a winning bracket, all year. 

Jacob said about the cancellation, “It is a terrible idea. These kids have worked their whole lives to make it to the big dance only to be stopped by a little disease. I know I would’ve won but I also know that when it happens next I will just win it then.”

The spring sports at Hillcrest have been postponed for a minimum of two weeks, and most of the athletes are frustrated but accepting of that step. They realize the precautions are being set in place to keep the athletes and fans safe from this virus. 

Nate Burri, senior soccer player at Hillcrest said, “I think it is a smart decision but of course, I am sad we won’t be playing a full season.” 

A lot of the cancellations spurred from an event that is very close to home. Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert was ruled out of the game on Wednesday due to illness, which was quickly found to be the coronavirus. League officials hurried to shut down as much as possible in order to halt the spread. Fellow Jazz player Donovan Mitchell also tested positive for the virus. 

The Jazz have been taking a lot of the blame for what has happened to sports across the country. Some have called Gobert an accidental hero, while others are calling him careless and irresponsible. Nonetheless, health is at the forefront of this discussion and the virus is nothing to take lightly.

While many are feeling sadness and frustration, it is all part of protecting athletes and fans. Hopefully, the sports world will be able to return to normal and bring back the happiness that sports brings.