No Champions League for city

Joshua Ruff, Reporter

Manchester City was often compared to top football teams as the best club in the world, but on February 14, the world was shocked at the news that City was being banned from competing in any UEFA competitions for two years.

“Serious breaches” of club licensing and financial fair play regulations is forcing Manchester City out of the Champions League and all UEFA competitions for the next two seasons.

The regulations that UEFA set forces each club to not increase their team worth by more than €30 million whilst in the competition.

Millions of fans are disappointed in the claim against the club, many of them believe it is wrong to punish the current team for the wrongdoings of the franchise from previous years

Hillcrest student and Manchester City superfan, Taylor Poulsen stated “I think it is stupid. I honestly believed we had a chance to take home the Champions League”.

The competition will now be missing some of the best footballers in the entire world, including Kevin De Bruyne, world renowned midfielder for City, who has been named into the FIFA team of the year for 2 consecutive years now.

The manager of the club Pep Guardiola doesn’t agree with the allegations against the club, saying, “We are optimistic that in the end the truth will prevail and next season, if we qualify for the Champions League, we will be there.” 

Manchester City at this point are only behind Liverpool on the Premier League tables, which would usually send them straight to the Champions League.