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NYS Tuscon

NYS Tuscon

NYS Tuscon

Zachary Gallman, News Editor

The spring is here and new sports are heating up. Coming this year is a great group of athletes coming from a range of sports that are ready to compete and win. As this year’s winter sports come to a close our spring sports are ramping up whether you’re cheering on the track and field athletes, on the baseball diamond, or even throwing a speedy softball, or tennis it’s time for sports.

Not only do these sports bring new energy into Hillcrest, they also constitute another year of hopeful success for athletes who hope to bring region championships, wins, and state playoff berths. 

Track and field looks again to have another successful season. The boys lost the region title last year by one point, as well as the girls wanting to continue with another great season of hard work. With a great long-term coaching staff, the expectations are higher than ever for this track team and hope to be able to set multiple school records and bring home trophies to this school.

Katherine Timmerman, a track and field newcomer, stated, “I decided to join track to make new friends and become more involved in the school before I graduate.” 

Softball pushes to maintain another great season and hopes to have less rainouts than they did last year. With a strong group of senior leadership including Ryan Koon, Brooke Stromberg, and many other great athletes they look to push their goals and bring new energy into the softball program. 

Baseball this year is also led by a strong group of seniors as well as a great developing underclass that look to provide a great amount of depth to the varsity roster. 

The boys tennis team and the girls tennis teams are looking for another great season. They’ve had great years previously and are ready for whatever challenges come next. 

Boys soccer is coming to a local Hillcrest High School near you and its 3x the bonus points for their friday night specials in winning. This year they are lead by an outstanding senior class that is looking to push themselves in ways that have never been pushed before. Not only do they have the tools across the board from different positions that can allow them to do big things. But the ability from the coaches have been instilled in them across the Club soccer throughout the year and in preseason workouts.

Here at Hillcrest, we’re looking to push the stretches of athletes and continue to have great seasons. With all these sports here this year, the school is ready for the success of these programs.