2020 vision


Picture Credit :Melissa Areaola

Election year is in full swing and things will only get more interesting from here. The Democratic debates are seen everywhere, just like Mike Bloomberg’s ads. Speaking of the former presidential candidate, Bloomberg made his first debate appearance in Nevada on February 19. The Democratic candidates did not welcome him with warm arms but instead they seemed to come together to pummel him. 

Elizabeth Warren went after Bloomberg for sexual harassment allegations against him and called him an arrogant billionaire. Bernie Sanders and many of the other candidates brought up the stop-and-frisk policy that Bloomberg implemented. Bloomberg, who hasn’t debated in years certainly could have used some practice. His performance was weak to say the least.

It seems Sanders made the biggest impression during the debates, he has now won the popular vote in the first three primary contests and in Nevada. Although Sanders is pulling in the primaries he does not have the majority votes from the delegates. This is because Democractic officials don’t believe he will beat president Donald Trump. Without most of their support it’s hard to say if he will become their nomination. 

“If he doesn’t have a majority, it stands to reason that he may not become the nominee,” said Jay Jacobs, the New York State Democratic Party chairman and a superdelegate. 

Super Tuesday brought in the most gripping result. Sanders and Joe Biden took home big wins and are going head to head for the Democratic nomination. Warren, Bloomberg and Amy Klobuchar are some of the many candidates that have suspended their campaigns.