Will prom survive COVID-19?

Picture Credit: www.whex.com

Picture Credit: www.whex.com

Many people have been getting ready for this dance for a long time, however, it seems everything is crashing to a halt. 

After the announcement from Utah’s Governor, Gary Herbert, on March 12, 2020, all school gatherings with one hundred or more people were canceled. Does this explain why prom was postponed?

Canyons School District sent out an announcement on Friday, March 13, 2020 saying that effective immediately, “all field trips are cancelled until further notice. In addition, all mass gatherings — including school events and dances, assemblies, performances, and employee professional development — that involve more than 100 people are cancelled until further notice.”

Many students are upset because they spent money on the dance that they may not be able to get refunded. Some of these are temporary things such as tux rentals, dress rentals, and prepaid reservations for activities.

Zaynab Salih, a senior, stated, “I feel like it’s definitely an inconvenience because I know people didn’t only get rentals but they also got their nails done. At the same time, I would rather have the inconvenience than the virus.”

Others are upset because this may be the only prom they’d be able to attend because they’re seniors and haven’t gone in the past. 

One of these seniors, Sydney Min, explained, “I’m honestly so upset. Being a senior who has never been to prom made me realize that I wish I went last year. I’ve genuinely wanted to go since I was 8.”

Currently, there is no word on when or if there will be a day where prom can be rescheduled. The administration for Hillcrest is working hard to communicate with This is the Place, the venue originally planned for prom, in order to see if they can fit in a date that works for both parties.

Min said, “I really hope it gets rescheduled. That dance really means all and all to me.”

Worst case scenario is that prom gets cancelled completely. A slightly better case scenario is that it’s not cancelled, but it’s held in the new fieldhouse that has been built for Hillcrest. 

T best case scenario is that the administration finds a way to reschedule it at the same venue and the school’s safe to have the dance take place. Only time will tell.