SLC teachers walkout for education funding

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A walk-out was held Friday, February 28 by teachers in the Salt Lake City School District. They marched in order to protest the Utah State Legislature and to increase priority funding for education. 

Some schools made the school day a half-day in order to compensate for the lack of adult supervision that will come from the walk-out. However, Canyons School District had already scheduled that day off as a teacher prep day. 

Utah is last in the nation in funding teachers, and the requested 6% increase wouldn’t change that, but it would help the state with some of the necessities that are being left unfinished. 

Courtney Tanner of the Salt lake Tribune wrote, “Sarah Nichols… did the math. She said in order for the state just to meet the national average for pupil spending, it would have to raise the rate 70%. State lawmakers are proposing 4% — or $136 million — despite a massive surplus.”

Most walk-outs were not supported by an employer, but because the teachers were supporting a valiant cause, it is likely that the legislature took this statement into account. If all of the teachers came together, it will make a strong case for the improvement of the education funding. 

Teachers at Hillcrest have the day off as a compensation day, but most are still supporting the cause. Katie Bullock, English teacher at Hillcrest, said, “I hope our district follows their lead. We need the money too.”

Hopefully, the walkout implanted the opinions of the teachers into the legislature’s and district’s mind. The walkout was a good demonstration of unity and it will likely enact changes that are necessary to improve education in the state of Utah.