DECA State: Role plays and more

Picture Credit: Ms Batey

Picture Credit: Ms Batey

From written projects to role plays, Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) State was a blast this year for dedicated business students.

DECA State took place from February 20 to 21 at the Salt Palace, which meant students in Canyons School District didn’t need to pay as much to stay overnight.

Hillcrest’s DECA team in particular made it to the finals in their events and placed high enough to go to Nationals.

Rushmeen Tariq, a Hillcrest junior who placed first in Business Finance at State, explained, “I didn’t think I would make it to ICDC [International Career Development Conference, or DECA Nationals.] I studied equity and stocks for the preliminaries and finals.”

Hillcrest junior Helen Raty ran for Central Region Vice President, but did not win the election.

“I am disappointed, but I still plan on being involved with DECA next year,” Raty stated.

This year was also the first year of Canyons Technical Education Center’s (CTEC’s) DECA, which was led by Kimberly Simpson-Batey, advisor and instructor of the redesigned Business Leadership program.

Despite being a new chapter, CTEC managed to get several awards, from chapter-wide recognition such as Gold Chapter, to individual and team events by students from CTEC.

One particular event was Community Awareness, where CTEC students Alex Beekley, Ben Friel, and Joel Finlinson presented how they organized their Diversity Dinner back in January. They also placed first in said event.

“Since my team and I spent so much time on [the dinner] and because of its eventual success, I’m proud to present it in any way possible. I’ve never done anything like this, so the completion itself is an exciting challenge I’m willing to take on,” Alex Beekley explained. 

Overall, as of February 27, a few Hillcrest and CTEC students will go to ICDC, which, given the price tag, is quite the achievement. Other Canyons schools will be competing as well, with Alta, Brighton, Corner Canyon, and Jordan having at least 7 spots for ICDC.

DECA Nationals, also known as ICDC, was planned to take place in Nashville, Tennessee from April 29 to May 2, with Hillcrest’s and CTEC’s teams flying in and out on April 28 and May 3.

However, tragedy has struck ICDC. According to DECA’s website, the spread of the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has caused this year’s ICDC to be canceled, with no reschedule in sight.

Nevertheless, these students did well to place so high at State.