Best school water fountains rated

As any student knows, not all water fountains were created equal. Scattered around the school are some very good and very bad fountains. For example, the one on the south end of the gym basement is not even safe to drink anymore. 

The best drinking fountain is the one on the north end of the gym basement. It is cold and tastes good, even if it is kind of out of the way. This is definitely my first choice for all my water needs.

The next best water is at the opposite end of the school, the one by the auditorium and the one by the main office. They both tie for second. These are more convenient most of the time but they just aren’t quite as good as the gym basement. 

Most of the others are simply average. The C-hall fountains are fairly decent, but there are better options most of the time. 

There’s a fancy fountain with the water bottle filler. I have issues with this one. It’s like they took boiled pond water and just waited for it to cool down. It’s lukewarm pond water. Honestly, it has the potential to be so much better, and it’s just kinda sad. I have hope that someday it will get better, but it probably won’t.

With the school being torn down in the near future, it is unclear how long this guide will still be relevant but in the meantime, don’t drink from the one by the weight room because it might kill you.