Within the eye of the beholder

Within the eye of the beholder


The four adventurers descend further into the strange underground fortress that they have found. As they turn the corner into a large chamber, each is frozen into stone statues and quickly turned to piles of ash as a large hovering being glides over their remains.

Beholders are cruel, terrifying, analytical beings with one eye in the center of their bodies and many eye stalks that protrude at every angle. This gives them every advantage, for when they sleep, only the center eye rests. 

Enemies are abound, or so every beholder believes. Beholders are convinced that every other living thing resents them for their brilliance and magical power, even as they dismiss those lesser creatures as crude and disgusting. Beholders always think there is some plot against them, even when there are no other creatures around.

A beholder’s hate for other creatures does not stop at other beholders, these they fear the most. Every beholder believes that they are the perfect idol, and any variations from that is a flaw in the racial purity of its kind. 

Valkara Ironfell, a dwarven sage says, “Every beholder thinks it is the epitome of beholderkind, and the only thing it fears is that it might be wrong.”

As mentioned earlier, beholders are magical. Though they may not wield a wand or worship a deity, their magic comes from their eyes.

The most common eye rays seen in beholders are as follows: charm, paralyzing, fear, slowing, enervation, telekinetic, sleep, petrification, disintegration, and death. 

However, beholders can have a very wide range of eye beams, they may have: confusion, chain lightning, polymorph, moonbeam, silence, and so on.

Beholders do not work by themselves, but this does not mean they treat others as equals. Beholders will usually choose to have weaker creatures such as kobolds, goblins, drow, or other weak-minded peoples of the Underdark as their minions. They then use these minions in a way that makes it seem as if they are the ones with the schemes and not the beholder.

Beholders are a cruel addition to the wide universe of D&D but still are there even more frightening creatures, running among the many planes.