Some TV shows I grew up with

I grew up watching lots of different television shows. Here are some of my favorites and why!

  • J.A.G. 

If you’ve ever watched NCIS or any shows like it, you might like J.A.G.! NCIS was a spinoff of JAG. I usually don’t like criminal shows or anything political, but JAG will hold you captive on the epic journey of Harm (David James Elliot) and Mac (Catherine Bell) as they go from country to country and court case to court case. J.A.G. is set in the early 2000’s and is full of mystery and romance. 

  • The Parent Trap (both versions)

Whether you’re watching the 1961 version with Hayley Mills or the 1988 version with Lindsay Lohan, the Parent Trap is an adventure-filled fun show for the whole family! The parent trap follows the story of two young girls who discover they are twins as they switch places and try to get their parents back together. You can never go wrong with this one!

  • Little House on the Prairie

(sighhhhhh)…I absolutely love this show! (if you couldn’t tell…) I grew up watching Little House on the Prairie every Sunday with my dad after church while we would eat kraft mac-n-cheese with extra cheese. Little House on the Prairie is an american western historical drama series spanning 9 seasons. This show follows the story of the Ingalls family, specifically spunky Laura Ingalls through their life. It is filled with adventure, romance, grief, and mystery. It is appropriate and filled with good morals and lessons.