Coronavirus stalemate in China

With the whole world’s attention directly focused on COVID-19, the fear of some turns to anger because of the possible origin site of China, as the first case was reported in Wuhan, China, and for some, this has inspired fear and doubt. E

Even with such aspiring fears, their measures to slow the spread have worked effectively and as other countries we should recognize and try to recreate these at our own homes.

As cases continue to grow across the world, and even some countries are on the verge of shutting down or have been shut down, it may seem easy to put blame on China where the origin is. 

But strangely, China has slowed down, even with a population of a very large 1.836 billion people according to the World Census Bureau. What makes their slowing down of the virus even more crazy is the fact that their large population can easily contribute to the spread. 

Some numbers from suggest that they were able to slow the spread, with last weekend not having a single new case in the whole country. 

With “Coronavirus Cases: 81,285 Deaths: 3,287 Recovered: 74,051,” these numbers they show why their are doing pretty well in recovering those that have COVID-19. As well as having such a small fraction of their people sick. 

These numbers show that while they have such a large number of cases they are doing a pretty good job of recovering those who diagnosed. The amount of intensive-care units across the country are rising and their increase in funding for the virus has increased almost daily.

People are becoming more and more open to the Chinese government plan for stopping this virus. Across the country in China they instituted a lockdown where you can only go out for specific reasons. This helped a lot when talking about spread, because of the way COVID-19 is able to move throughout a population it’s important to realize what preventative measure can be taken.

Doctors across the world are doing the most they can in order to help stop the spread. While some are research based others are on the front lines of the action and have spoken up recently on some of the experiences that they have had. 

Zhang Xiaochun, a doctor on the front-lines of the pandemic in China, has been working long shifts and everyday struggles to help keep her patients alive. 

She said, “With the virus now growing more quickly outside China than inside, it’s a problem other countries will increasingly face.”

Seeing how they are struggling with the virus can give other countries an insight to what they can do and how they can act in order to slow the spread and increase the likelihood of survival.