Giant in their Giant keeps


Ancient empires once cast long shadows over a world that quaked beneath the giant’s gaze. In those lost days, these towering figures were dragon slayers, dreamers, crafters, and kings, but their kind fell from glory long ago. However, even divided among secluded clans scattered throughout the world, the giants constantly keep traditions in order. 

In distant regions of the world, the last remaining giant statues of the great giant empires bow their heads in solemn obscurity. Where the empires of old used to roll over all hills and mountains, now the giants reside in clans and tribes.

Giants are almost as old as the very first dragons, which were still young when the giant’s feet first shook the foundations of the world. As each race spread across the world, dragons fought bitter wars that nearly destroyed both sides. 

No living giants can recall what brought up such conflicts, but myths and tales of their race’s glorious dawn are still sung in their steadings and holdfasts, vilifying the primeval wyrms. 

Giants and dragons continue to harbor grudges towards each other, and it is seldom that they will ever meet or occupy somewhere together without a fight.