Is Rudy Gobert the DPOY Again?

Joshua Ruff, Reporter

Rudy Gobert was voted as the NBA’s  Defensive Player of the Year (DPOY,) back to back years and in March 2020, Gobert single handedly shut down the entire league.

On March 11 the Utah Jazz vs Oklahoma City Thunder basketball game was postponed. Confused fans watched from their homes and in, the arena minutes went on without as much as an explanation. The arena after waiting nearly half an hour was told to exit immediately as one of the players had received positive testing results for the Coronavirus, Rudy Gobert.

At a press conference only one day earlier Gobert went out of his way to touch every single reporters microphones as a joke, because the reporters were standing so far away from him.

“So…here is Rudy touching all the mics following Mondays shoot around that has some people concerned…”  tweeted David Fox after the incident.

Gobert issued an apology to the reporters and the fans, asking them to forgive his “careless” actions and wishing that he would have taken the situation more seriously.

This news started spreading worldwide like a wildfire. Hillcrest SBO alumni, John Ruff, living in Popayan, Colombia at the time stated, “The same night that it happened in Oklahoma, all of the natives we knew kept coming up to us with sad faces. They knew that I was a Jazz fan so they believed that this would shatter my world and I would return home after this.”

The following day the league sources were flowing with rumours of other plays having the virus. Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz tested positive to COVID-19, destroying the spirits of hundreds of thousands of Jazz fans worldwide.

The first two confirmed cases in the NBA had both been Jazz players which hurt the fans and caused a lot of hate towards the Jazz to appear. Donovan posted words of encouragement on Instagram “I hope that we can all come together and be there for each other and our neighbors who need our help.”