Ft. Zoom, the online classroom



With schools closing all around the United States, teachers need an efficient, secure platform to communicate with their students. Canyons School District has closed until May 1st, and so teachers have started to teach their classes online using Zoom. 

According to their website, Zoom was founded in 2011 and is a secure, encrypted video conferencing platform that sells plans for government use, educational use and other business use.

The platform is encrypted, meaning that is in a sort of code which makes it a lot harder to hack into. This is important so student’s data cannot be stolen by hackers.

A thing deemed “Zoom Bombing” has now begun where users sign up for meetings and show pornography and shout racial slurs. People who aren’t supposed to be in the meeting sign on and cause trouble. Zoom is working on stopping this distracting practice. 

Zoom offers a free, basic K-12 plan which allows teachers to have meetings for forty minutes but are offering school districts a special plan.

Because of the current pandemic, Zoom is offering the free plan to schools without the forty minute time limit.This allows school districts not to spend the thousands of dollars they would need to to provide every school and every student with the platform. 

Some kids may not have access to a computer or internet at home. Canyons School District is allowing students to borrow a laptop with an internet hotspot so they can continue to do their work. 

There is one thing that the use of a video chatting platform doesn’t fix. For many kids, they don’t have the space or peace to be able to facetime at home. Kids could have disruptive siblings or animals. This can make it hard for the kids to receive  the education they are entitled to.

A student at Hillcrest talked about how it would be hard for him to not disrupt other kids in the call.

“My family is really loud and our house is really small, I’m scared that they’ll embarrass me or something,” they explained.

In a time of panic, Zoom is a good option to make sure that some kids get the education they need but it doesn’t work for everyone.