Brynn Wilson:FACS teacher

“When I was little we’d play school and I always made sure I was the teacher!” said Wilson.

Since she was little, it was always her dream to become a teacher, but she got something a little different from what she had thought. 

It wasn’t until Wilson took “Adult Roles and Financial Literacy” during high school that she decided she wanted to teach high school. 

“I fell in love with the content and decided I wanted to teach high school. I LOVED that class and talked with the teacher and she pointed me in the right direction. Now I am finally teaching it and love it,” she explained

After attending Murray High, Wilson married and got a Bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Science Education. After her first year of teaching, Wilson decided to go back to college and got a Masters of Science in Curriculum and Instruction through Western Governors University.

Wilson started teaching at Hillcrest in 2017. She teaches in the FACS program which covers Foods, Adult Roles & Financial Literacy, and others. 

When Wilson came to Hillcrest in 2017, she was one of the youngest teachers at the school and was often mistaken as one of the students. 

Her first year, Wilson said she would sometimes get looked at funny if she tried to do something in the Library or copy room. 

“I feel like most of the adults in the building recognize me now, so I don’t have that issue anymore,” said Wilson.

“I feel like being young has only benefited my teaching experience. I believe I have the ability to connect and relate to students more. I am not too far removed from this student population, so I understand them,” said Wilson “I also feel like it has allowed me to build relationships with some of the more challenging students that other teachers do not typically connect with.”

Every teacher encounters unexpected and funny things in their classrooms, but for Wilson, she has multiple classrooms. Some of the funniest experiences she’s had with students happen in the foods lab. 

“It always amazes me…” she said. 

Aside from the classroom, Wilson loves biking with her husband in their free time.

I love to go on bike rides. My husband and I will ride on some of the nice trails to a restaurant and eat all of the time during the summer,” she explained.

Along with biking, Wilson enjoys watching the American Drama Series “Grey’s Anatomy” and the Romcom “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” Wilson has a Yorkie/Pomeranian mix named Nala. Dogs are her favorite animal, with horses coming in second. 

Wilson loves her family and her dog, but her students will always have a special place in her heart.

“My biggest goal as a teacher is to make all students feel like they are important and seen. I hope that I have accomplished this with those who have been in my classes thus far,” she says, “The advice I always give to students is to be ambitious and a good person.”