DOOM Eternal, return to earth

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Super shotgun in hand, the Doom Slayer marches over the corpses of demons that he scattered. As he reloads two shots into his weapon, a loud screech comes from behind him. As heavy metal kicks in, he faces even more hordes of Hell, and he leaps into the fray. 

COVID-19 has taken a toll on communities around the globe, schools have been shut down, gatherings postponed. People are told to stay home, and that means to have fun we must be indoors. Perfect conditions for the gamer legions!

On March 20, 2020, a new gore and horror filled game was released four years after its predecessor. DOOM Eternal takes place 2 years after DOOM 2016, and the legions of Hell have returned to feast on earth’s inhabitants. And it is up to you, the Doom Slayer, to rip and tear until it is done. 

With revamped demon appearances, and weapon abilities, DOOM Eternal seems like a smash hit to people such as Stephen Pudsey. 

He said, “Doom Eternal is an absolutely exhilarating first person shooting dream…What’s even more impressive is the gameplay, which is more of a constant relentless arcade experience…The music from Mick Gordan again is just wow…Rip and tear again and again.”

However, as always there are people who aren’t fans of the new addition to the DOOM franchise, like Luke Howard. 

He explained, “This game is absolutely terrible. The multiplayer is laughable… Too many enemies and the game looks like a cartoon…The music is awful, the level design is asinine.”

I personally think the game is amazing! The revamped demons and weapons, new abilities, and graphics that make the game seem more like the old arcade game. Plus, this game has more of an in depth story compared to DOOM 2016 which was more just “smash smash kill kill”.

The game came out with a competitor to face as well, Call of Duty Warzone. But that was no problem for the long hyped shooter. DOOM Eternal came to digital shelves and had a hell of a launch week according to Bethesda. Though they have not released any numbers, they have announced that DOOM Eternal has twice the revenue that DOOM 2016 received.