Feel Good



Released March 18, 2020, “Feel Good” is a semi-autobiographical comedy series following the protagonist Mae Martin, played by herself, Mae Martin. 

“Feel Good” is a deeply personal and poignant story about the unique pressures of navigating through the modern-day landscape of sexuality, gender, and fluidity throughout.

 It follows recovering addict and comedian Mae, who attempts to control the addictive behaviors and intense romanticism that show up in every facet of her life.

Things become even more complicated for her, as she gets into a relationship with her new girlfriend, George, played by Charlotte Ritchie.

“Through it, all Martin and Ritchie have the kind of solid, quiet chemistry that makes it easy to root for Mae and George, even when the downsides of their relationship threaten to overwhelm the positives,” said Anna Leszkiewicz, a critic from RottenTomatoes

Audiences might like to know that the show is following more mature themes, and at times can be dark, show nudity and drug use.

The show provided a strident landscape of sexual and identity politics, one follows a love story, a story that wins our hearts and wants us to hope that it will last, along with many other Netflix series it strives and all around is a good show.