Onward seizes the crown

Photo Credit: Onward' Off With $28M Overseas Bow ...deadline.com

Photo Credit: Onward’ Off With $28M Overseas Bow …deadline.com

The world was once full of magic, but it was hard to learn, thus electricity was made. Today, people thrive off of electricity, stay home, and ignore the onward call for adventure.

Onward, an animated film released on February 29, takes it from the top with an animated world where creatures from today’s mythology are walking and talking like us. With roles that every person can relate to in some way, from hard working mothers, to uncomfortable teenagers.

Pixar’s new movie “Onward,” has hit the box office and has taken the throne as the highest seller. However, there are many critics who see the film as less than good.

“The film’s elvish antics are mildly amusing, but when a studio known for daring both kids and adults to face the terror and beauty of intense feelings settles for making a mechanically cheery movie like Onward, it isn’t just a comedown. It’s cowardice,” said Bennett Campbell Ferguson from Willamette Week.

However, Pixar has people like Asher Luberto from L.A. Weekly to thank for the 87% rotten tomatoes that Onward received, “Pixar specializes in grounding storybook worlds in real-world-problems, and this one does so with a sprinkle of pixie dust and a dash of realism.”

The rather short film was not a very hyped movie, in its first week it only made $39 million in the U.S. That’s less than Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur”, which previously held the title as the studio’s worst weekend opening.

This drop has made many viewers disappointed in Disney, especially after Disney’s previous film “Captain Marvel”, which made $153 million. Many audiences who saw the film that were excited, were quite angered by the outcome of the film.

However, I personally loved this film. I was able to connect to the older brother, Barley Lightfoot, for in the film he has an obsession with a RPG game that closely relates to Dungeons & Dragons, which I love!